Product: Pan/Tilt

Remote Rotate Unit

The RRU gives the driver or operator the possibility to extend the field of view of the camera system.

This will assist safer driving and faster handling of the vehicle when submerged, with closed hatch or in total darkness.

The system is also ideal as support in handling of special vehicle equipment such as excavator – dozer blade – mine clearance tools – hydraulic drill and other kind of equipment that requires the cameras can be moved to the right position when operating the equipment.

The RRU is controlled by a joystick or pushbutton-panel.

Programmable stops in azimuth provides a fast and safe positioning of the field of view.

The RRU can also be dismounted from the vehicle and/or placed on a tripod/mast for 360° observation.

Remote Rotate Tilt Unit

RRTU705Al is designed to function as a base for non-lethal weapon systems providing a flexible mount on most types of vehicles.

The RRTU is driven by an electrical drive system using slip rings to distribute the power. The “one finger” operation controlled by a joystick inside the vehicle allows the operator to turn the launcher 360° in app 5 seconds. The motor has adjustable speed which allows a rapid engagement of various non-lethal munition to be launched in the desired direction. The quick turning secures a fast target acquisition minimizing hazards for the security forces and a precise delivery of the necessary means for riot control.

Camera assist for increased field of observation is optional. The camera provides Auto Focus Zoom images in color to a monitor placed inside the vehicle assisting the operator to launch the grenades towards the target.

The RRTU is designed to be mounted with different kinds of non-lethal grenade launchers or other equipment where a submerged position of the operator is desired.