As the search for weight reduction becomes more and more dominant SIMA Innovation constantly investigates ways to reduce the pay load of our Ringmounts.

With a weight reduced to only 75 kg we have managed to save further 7 kg which is a reduction of 9 %
The reduction is reached by a combination of material and design invention.

In addition to the weight saving the new design of the A-frame for the gun mount allows a vertical operation of the weapon between -15 to +60 degrees which provides new functionality for the gunner.

New design has also reduced the weight for the ballistic protection so the total weight of the Lightweight Motorized Ringmount including a STANAG 4569 level 1 production has been reduced with 19 %

CEO, Mikael Kildevaeld concludes that:  “with the reduced weight SIMA Innovation takes the demand for increased maneuverability and operational capability extremely serious!”