Lightest Motorized Ringmount in the World

One of the major buzz-words in modern campaigns is weight. 
The important issue is paramount in terms of optimal use of resources and for vehicle platforms it is improving the operational capabilities and mobility.

With these challenging features in mind SIMA Innovation developed the Ultra – Lightweight Motorized Ringmount in aluminum. Based on its predecessor LMR M08 used by the Danish Army on a broad variety of vehicles in Helmand, Afghanistan, all features have been re-evaluated and the result is setting new standards for Gunmounts.

Easy to operate with a one-finger joystick it provides fast target acquisition and protects the operator from external, ballistic threats as well as securing an ergonomically working station serving as weapon platform for various support weapon including 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm, Dillon and 40 mm AGL.
The low weight of just 82 kg and flexibility makes it easy to exercise maintenance and use on a broad variety of vehicles – from light 4×4 like Toyota LC and Mercedes G to heavy Trucks like MAN HX and SX or APC as PIRANHA and M113.

By using the weight issue as an essential parameter in our product development and paying respect to the functionality, flexibility and robustness of LMR M08, we have combined these important features with the lighter weight aluminum represents.
The result is our new LMR ALU.